Hotel History of Hotel Santa Catalina Las Palmas
Hotel History of Hotel Santa Catalina Las Palmas
Hotel History of Hotel Santa Catalina Las Palmas


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Hotel Santa Catalina 5*, Hotel in Las Palmas since 1890

The history of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria would not be complete without the chronicle of Hotel Santa Catalina

This unique hotel, a jewel of the hotel industry, a species that is in danger of extinction, is a local reference point and a cause of admiration for our visitors. The years of this twenty-first century go by, and the Santa Catalina, as a perennial hotel brand, continues with its sights set on its targets: tourism, rest, business, culture, society... An endearing symbol of an open, cosmopolitan city, a melting pot of cultures. Between the City and the Port, in the heart of Ciudad Jardín, surrounded by hundred-year-old vegetation, and encircled by the breeze from our nearby sea, is our hotel… an accomplice in our sights and, especially, in our hearts and our feelings.

Here is its history, dating back three centuries... we have had delight in recounting it, and you will surely read it with pleasure. If you are staying at the Hotel, we wish you a pleasant stay and hope you enjoy everything around you, and if you are reading us in the distance, we encourage you to come and visit us; you will not regret staying in the most important and meaningful hotel in the Canary Islands nor visiting this city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, a forerunner of the New World and first Atlantic city founded by Spain.

The Canary Islands Company, Limited

14th, August 1888.- THE CANARY ISLANDS COMPANY LIMITED is officially incorporated. This London-based company is the promoter of the construction of the GRAN HOTEL SANTA CATALINA, with a capital of 25,000 pounds divided into shares of 10 pounds each. 300 shares were reserved for residents of the Canary Islands.

Founding Partners

Wallace William Cragg, John Alexander Swanston, Joseph Miller, Henry Clarke, John Greenish, Charles John Marrian and William Matthew.

First Board

Wallace W. Cragg, W. M. Blyth, T. G. Gillespie, Hugo Göetz and Peter Swanston.

Local Board

The Board or General Council appointed, in Gran Canaria, a Local Board chaired by Count de la Vega Grande, Fernando del Castillo Westerling.

The area chosen

The place chosen to build the Hotel was between the City and the Port Refugio de La Luz, in a place called “Vega de Santa Catalina”. This area, known as “the hotel district”, was an English fief: there were houses of the Pinnocks, Fchillers, Blandys, Milles, properties of the Elder Company, orchards and properties of the Woods..., although there were Canarian owners, too. The hermitage of Santa Catalina was found here.

Land acquisition for its construction

4th, September 1888.- The land where the Hotel and the gardens were to be built were part of a group of nine demarcated buildings which belonged to Juan Bautista Carlo and Guercy. On this date, before the notary public Benítez Llarena, the transaction is carried out in the presence of the owner and Fernando del Castillo Westerling, the Count of La Vega Grande, who, representing the Company, had previously handed over the agreed value: 35,225 pesetas. The lands purchased comprised ground, buildings, accessories and ponds.

The Company commissioned the Scottish architect James M. MacLaren to design a luxury hotel. Norman Wright, an English architect living in Las Palmas, oversaw the construction, and Laureano Arroyo acted as inspector architect.

Start of construction

The work began in the autumn of 1888 and was completed in record time: just over a year.

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