Facial treatments at the spa in Hotel Santa Catalina
Facial treatments at the spa in Hotel Santa Catalina

Facial Treatments

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Enjoy the beneficial effects of our facial treatments, as well as of massages provided by our staff.

A fully qualified professional staff comprised of masseurs, masseuses, aestheticians and beauticians will provide you with specialised advice at all times based on your requests and needs.

Spa Center Agua Vital

Express Facial Cleansing

Basic facial cleansing for all types of skins. Keep your skin clean and moisturized.

  • Duration: 45'
  • Price: 30 €

Facial Cleansing

Facial cleansing for all types of skins with a deep extraction. Keep your skin clean and moisturized.

  • Duration: 75'
  • Price: 45 €

Facial Exfoliation

Complete face, neck and neckline exfoliation based on your type of skin. This treatment removes the dead skin cells, enhancing the skin moisturizing and unifying the skin tone. Optimal preparation for any subsequent treatment.

  • Duration: 30'
  • Preis: 30 €

Cranial-Facial Massage

Using manual neuro-sedative massage, mobilisation and pressure techniques, this treatment will help you feel completely relaxed, removing stress and improving your focus and blood flow. This treatment comprises the removal of makeup, massage on the neckline, face and head and cervical stretches. The treatment is completed with a relaxing finger pressure massage.

  • Duration: 30'
  • Preis: 30 €

Intensive Hyaluronic Acid Anti-Aging Treatment

This is a shock treatment to repair and prevent aging. The regenerative properties of hyaluronic acid smooth away and fill wrinkles. This treatment enhances and reaffirms the contour and increases the muscle tone.

  • Duration: 75'
  • Price: 90 €

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